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The success factor for people: Success criteria for the merger of companies

In many industries growth can only be achieved through buyouts or mergers
The number of failed projects is endless. When supervisory boards are confronted with M&A projects
there are usually risk audits (due diligence) on the finances,
the market situation and the legal risks. The people who have created a company's value and are also crucial for the success of a merger
are often overlooked.

Article in the magazine ARaktuell (www.aufsichtsrataktuell.at | Linde Verlag)

Burnout prevention in practice

Burnout as an illness is on everyone's lips. In the topic of "burnout", the individual human being is the focus of the monitoring, prevention and treatment. However, companies can also "burn out": The organisational consultant Marianne Grobner advises HR managers in the prevention of "burn-out" to not only focus on individual symptoms, but to also take a closer look at the structures and culture of the organisation.

Article in the magazine ASoK (www.asok.at | Linde Verlag)

Change of power in the boardroom

The appointment of members is one of the most important tasks of the Supervisory Board: The
right choice saves the supervisory board from many problems and misappointments which usually result in great expense
For the creation of this article
more than 20 CEOs and boards of directors were surveyed in anonymous interviews about their experiences. Their
statements show that it pays to continuously address the question of a possible management board
within the company.

Article in the magazine ARaktuell (www.aufsichtsrataktuell.at | Linde Verlag)


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