Sergio de Maddalena

"No one can guarantee you that you will reach a goal in a given time, but it is guaranteed that you will never reach a goal that had never been set" Born in 1950 in Varese, lives in Bern

Training and qualifications

  • Degree in Business administration and Economics (lic.rer.pol)
  • Further training in management andragogy, organisational development, facilitation methodology, systemic consulting
  • Practical experience as a management / specialist instructor and PD / OD manager in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Russia.


Professional Experience::

  • since 2014 Freelance Organisational Consultant
  • 1998 - 2013 OD Manager at MIGROS Aare
  • since 1993 part time Freelance Consultant with projects in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Russia
  • Head of coordination cooperatives MGB
  • Management and specialist instructor at the MIGROS Genossenschaftsbund (Cooperative Association) (MGB)

Key activities

  • Development and support of large-scale change projects
  • Conception and moderation of large group events with sustainable implementation architectures
  • Team development
  • Development of feedback instruments (360° feedback, mystery shopping, customer surveys)
  • Coaching of PE / OE managers