Ingo Heyn

In the case of surprising developments I would rather drop the plan than the employees, and trust in dialogue and intuition to find a new way for the purposes of the contract.".“ born 1963 in Germany, lives in Solothurn

Training and qualifications

  • Studied Psychology and Computer Science in Tübingen and USA
  • Systemic Consulting and Organisational Development at IGST Heidelberg (Prof. Dr. Fritz Simon and Dr. Gunthard Weber) and the Milton-Erickson Institute Heidelberg (Dr. Gunther Schmidt)

  • Existential Analysis Coaching (Dr. Alfried Längle) - Psychodrama (Moreno Institute Stuttgart, Zerka Moreno, New York)

  • Hypnotherapeutic Communication as per Milton Erickson (Prof. Dirk Revenstorff)


Professional Experience::

  • since 1999 Freelance Consultant
  • 1991 - 1999 Speaker in the field of further training, organisational development and consulting in the Allianz Lebensversicherung AG in Stuttgart

Key activities

  • Control and support of organisational development processes, project management,
  • Training for managers
  • Team development and coaching
  • Training in the field of communication, dealing with conflicts, teamwork,
  • Development and implementation of assessment centers,
  • Systemic interviewing techniques (in the context of coaching, case work and order clarifications), STAR interview technique