Colourful and diverse just like an attractive garden.

A team, a delight

Just as in every large and good kitchen, at Grobner Consulting there are also professionals in each area who do their job with a lot of expertise, passion and joy. In the network are approx. 20 consultants who, in addition to their technical and process expertise, have a good "sense of people".


Cooperation in the network enables us to handle enterprise-wide change projects in several languages ​​as well as to call in specialist for subjects such as large groups, outdoor or health management / vitality. Since many cooks do not spoil the broth, they increase its quality.

Marianne Grobner

"Supporting people and organisations in meaningful development" more>

Catrin Mungenast

"Without careful mise en place (preparatory and subsequent work of the main work) there is chaos in the kitchen and no dish can really be successful.  more>

Mag. Bertram Gantner MSc

"Driven by the visions of human beings I accompany organisations, teams and people on the path of their development." more >

Dr. Andrea Kaiser

"There is always a way, and at least one alternative. The challenge is to look inside and find solutions." more>

Sergio de Maddalena

"No one can guarantee you that you will reach a goal in a given time, but it is guaranteed that you will never reach a goal that had never been set." more>

Jürgen A. Baumann

„Paths emerge when walking – When walking create new paths“ more>

Ingo Heyn

"In the case of surprising developments I would rather drop the plan than the employees, and trust in dialogue and intuition to find a new way for the purposes of the contract." more>

René Gröbli

"Preserving authenticity and remaining appreciative and mindful under pressure - a valuable asset!" more>

Helmut Putz

"What distinguishes me...
The more difficult the situation - the higher my motivation.." more>

Franziska Hildebrand Alberti

"When accompanying people and projects, I consider small steps just as important as big changes." more>

Marco Schicker

"Holistic development starts with people. Here meaning and culture meet processes and economy," more >

Hermann Will

"a.a.ü. !? "- Think differently than usual. Seek new ways. That's what the call sign stands for. But the question mark is just as important: "Cra-zy" is not better. It is wise to assess: What helps to achieve goals. " more>

Michael Defranceschi

"Few people realise that they can and must only lead one person. This person is themself." more >

Eva Lacassagne

"The exciting thing is the virtuous circle, the "yes, and..." paradigm. This brings mutual energy together, creating space for substance." more >