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Company / About "Sense for People"

The company was founded in 1992 as "Dr. Marianne Grobner KG - profit for people ".

Through her advisory work Marianne Grobner wanted to provide "benefits for people" in organisations, beyond those of monetary gain.

Since the beginning she has worked in projects with competent partners and expanded along with this her methodological and social skills.

Her work has won several awards, such as the Constantintus, the Austrian consultant prize, twice (2005 and 2012) and one of her projects was nominated again in 2014.

As Managing Director of the Management Center Vorarlberg the dedicated entrepreneur also gathered experience in the renovation and new positioning of a traditional company and in the management of major projects.

The change of the network motto to "Sense for People" brings two concerns of the founder together:

  • Meaningful development for people: More and more people ask about the meaning of her work. Goals that respond to employees' values ensure loyalty, dedication and success.

  • Work with a "sense" for people ": Our consultants act carefully and have a sense for the right support - human and methodical.